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Monday, December 18, 2006



alexander neilson & richard youngs - road is open life
eric b. & rakim 'lyrics of fury'
ellen fullman - staggered stasis
bob desper - new sounds
james tenney 'critical band'
joseph grimm - brain cloud
ruthann friedman - a hurried life
stephan micus - archaic concerts
van dyke parks - song cycle
v/a - music of indonesia vol. 20 - indonesian guitars
alemu aga - the harp of king david - ethiopiques vol. 11

I don't understand...where can we hear these LPs?

Thanks in advance!

Just respond back here:)
im not sure what you are asking here.
this is just a list of my recent favorite recordings.
if you want to hear them, youll have to track them down somewhere out there in the world.
oh I see...thanks for the quick response
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