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Tuesday, February 14, 2006



sebastien roux - songs
keith fullerton whitman - lisbon
moondog - the viking of 6th avenue
dariush dolat-shahi - electronic music, tar and sehtar
bob dylan (2005 was the year i finally came to appreciate dylan)
bill withers - just as i am
buffalo springfield - boxed set
grateful dead - complete fillmore west 1969
la dusseldorf
lau nau - live US tour 2005
new order - power corruption lies
ethiopiques #5
peter gabriel - 4 (security)
richard youngs - the naive shaman
the blackbyrds - city life
weldon irvine - sinbad
kira kira - skotta
sawako - hum
FM3 buddha machine
all creelpone releases
hamza el din - escalay: the water wheel
alhaji bai konte - kora melodies from the republic of the gambia
christina kubisch - armonica
c.o.b. - spirit of love
sacred rhythms of cuban santeria
john hudak and stephan mathieu - pieces of winter
balafons et tambours d'afrique
v/a - vahila malagasy

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